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  • 5 Free and 2 Bargain Romance Books - 03.23.20

    Get Updated Weekly Hi Book Bestie, It's been a different week around the King house. We've continued to self-isolate, but got pizza and taco delivery from our favorites. Our milk expired, but for the luck and love of good friends we got delivered both...

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  • Spring Fling Reader Scavenger Hunt 2020 (March 17-31)

    Spring is a time for finding new books and curling up for long hours of reading. In celebration Night Owl Romance and our authors have come together to spread our joy of books and bookish prizes with you. Join in the fun of reading book blurbs and sharing...

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  • Exclusive Q & A with Valerie Clarizio

    After writing a combined thirteen contemporary and romantic suspense novels and novellas, USA Today bestselling author Valerie Clarizio decided to dip her toe into the time travel genre with TIME WARped , the launch book in her Preserver & Protector...

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  • 5 Free Romance Books - 03.16.20

    Get Updated Weekly Hi Book Bestie, Andrew, Kitana (office kitty) and I are taking Covid-19 seriously and self-isolating for a while... on day 5. We don't want to get anything and pass it on to those who are vulnerable. We don't have any family local,...

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  • 10 Unforgettable Small Town Romance Novel Series

    Small town romances bring people together. They have us dreaming of what ifs and the relationships of those connecting in small places. It's the people, animals, small shops and meet cutes that have us thrilled to share these small town romance series. ...

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