• On Jun 24, 2020, kaisquared said: Favorite shifter class

    Kindergarten. Just kidding! Dragons, because.... flying and flaming!

  • On Jun 08, 2020, pansypetal said: Favorite shifter class

    Alpha - of course. I know. That isn't what you meant with the question. But well, I like them all. Wolves, bears, lions, tigers. They all have their appeal. But I do like them alpha. What can I say? :D

  • On Jun 08, 2020, jlbdb said: Shifters

    I like vampires and wolves. started liking those reading the dark protector series by rebecca zanetti

  • On Jun 08, 2020, Evampire said: ALL OF THEM!

    I Love them ALL! How could I not?

  • On Jun 08, 2020, abqnancy said: Shifters

    I love that shifters always have the freedom of shifting to a different life and way of living.

  • On Jun 08, 2020, shadowwolf said: Love wolf shifters

    I love wolf shifters because they are endlessly loyal and fiercely determined to love their mate.

  • On Jun 04, 2020, cuevasdm said: Favorite Shifters

    I like wolf shifters because they are loyal.

  • On Jun 03, 2020, jmcgaugh said: Favorite Shifters

    Wolves are probably my favorites, but dragons are a close second! I like wolves because they are loyal and protective.

  • On Jun 02, 2020, hendeis said: Faorite Shifter Type

    WOLF!! Wolves are beautiful animals. Wolf shifters are sexy!

  • On Jun 02, 2020, Glenda said: favorite shifter

    I honestly don't have a favorite. I enjoy variety

  • On Jun 02, 2020, Tamara Kasyan said: Shifters

    I love big cat shifters!

  • On Jun 02, 2020, dolphinBaby said: shifters

    i love wolfs cause they can be cuddle and aggressive at the same time

  • On Jun 01, 2020, Barbiegirl said: Wolf Shifters

    Love Wolf Books

  • On Jun 01, 2020, honeyb said: Favorite Shifter Class

    I don't really have a favorite class of shifter

    I just like a good shifter story

  • On Jun 01, 2020, Maritza said: Love Shifters

    I do love a good shifter story

  • On Jun 01, 2020, Allyson A said: Favorite Shifter

    My favorite shifter is wolves because I feel that their personalities come through as an animal or human.

  • On Jun 01, 2020, Veronicathomas said: Love any shifter

    Thank you for the chance. I do enjoy all but I think my favorite is wolf or panthers.

  • On Jun 01, 2020, Rkcjmomma said: Shifter

    I love wolves. They are just so cool and interesting

  • On Jun 01, 2020, Bmhy said: Shifters

    Even though I enjoy reading about all types of shifters, the wolf is still my favorite. They remind me of big fluffy loyal dogs.

  • On Jun 01, 2020, Lizsemkiu said: Love all shifters

    I really enjoy Terry Spears stories.

  • On May 30, 2020, bncandg said: re:

    no fav

  • On May 29, 2020, Purpleunicorn said: Shifters

    I love all shifters! I enjoy seeing how they handle situations as a human and/or animal.

  • On May 28, 2020, VSloboda said: favorite series?

    I don't have a favorite shifter series. I enjoy too many.

  • On May 28, 2020, Bamaforever said: Hmm

    Wolves of course!

  • On May 28, 2020, anniei said: Favorite Shifters

    I am an equal-opportunity shifter lover... I love them all!! LOL

  • On May 27, 2020, Nightpc said: favorite shifter class

    werewolves...combo of animal and human characteristics

  • On May 26, 2020, greenshamrock said: Shifters

    Wolves tend to be my first choice... just something about them and the pack that I really enjoy reading...