• On Jul 14, 2013, Tamazon said: Winner

    The winner of Catheryn's ebook is: celticdebbie

  • On Jul 13, 2013, stace said: cowboys

    love them

  • On Jul 10, 2013, Hotcha said: COWBOYS TO THE RESCUE


  • On Jul 10, 2013, arlenadean said: Cowboy to the Rescue

    Love reading about them!

  • On Jul 09, 2013, lisaguertin said: Cowboys, what more do you need to say?

    It's hard to beat a good cowboy romance.

  • On Jul 08, 2013, justme said: YAY!!! Gotta Love Hot Cowboys

    I love finding new authors that write about hot cowboys IDK why but I'm addicted to cowboy stories

  • On Jul 08, 2013, tagh said: cowboys

    Thanks for doing the giveaway

  • On Jul 05, 2013, celticdebbie said: I wish...

    I wish there were more futuristic romance books set in space. Somewhere different where new landscapes can be created. Thanks for the entry.

  • On Jul 05, 2013, Lizsemkiu said: Yay! Space cowboys!

    Thanks for listing all these great books. My TBR pile just keeps growing.

  • On Jul 04, 2013, clynsg said: Cowboys to the Rescue

    Since the Kindle would go to my son-in-law (he needs some way to increase type size) would have to let my daughter know about the books before he wiped them!

  • On Jul 04, 2013, moxrider said: CC'S Cowboy Contest!!

    (How's that title for alliteration??!!!???) OH WOW - I just found some more books to add to the Kindle... if I don't win them first :) !! Crossing my fingers & singing a prairie song!

  • On Jul 04, 2013, ecocat said: Cowboys

    Who doesn't love cowboys? After all, they do have horses, dogs, and all those adorable animals on their ranch. They do have great physique.

  • On Jul 04, 2013, armiefox said: Cowboys

    I have to admit I love reading about sexy cowboys. *smiles* Wow, what a selection and I would love a chance to win any of these. Great authors.

  • On Jun 18, 2013, jbalinski said: Cowboys

    Wow. Those are some fantastic sounding books. I just added to my TBR mountain. It's not a pile anymore it's grown so much. Who doesn't love a cowboy!

  • On Jun 14, 2013, suzyrph said: Cowboys

    Love them cowboys- bought some books I didnot have. I twtd and FB'd & Liked.

  • On Jun 13, 2013, JeanMP said: Cowboys

    What a great selection of books, all the cowboys sound hot!

  • On Jun 13, 2013, Relklaf said: Cowboy books

    I love cowboy books, I don't know why. Maybe because you always know which ones wear the the white hats.

  • On Jun 13, 2013, Bmhy said: Cowboys

    What an interesting collection of books! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Jun 13, 2013, zippykim said: I love cowboys!

    I love finding new authors who write about cowboys! They are my favorite! I love all from historical to contemporary, to suspense! I'll take them all!

  • On Jun 13, 2013, DrRob said: Love me anything Cowboy

    Hard to choose

  • On Jun 13, 2013, arlenadean said: Cowboys to the Rescue

    These sound like some interesting read!

  • On Jun 13, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    nice selection of books

  • On Jun 13, 2013, greenshamrock said: Oooh...

    Oh each one of these books sound wonderful... ;)