French Kiss

Naughty Ladies of Nice Book 4

What drew me to this book was the blurb.  Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with the book I read.  While the characters are as described, Rachel is an author and Henri is a pediatrician, the storyline was far different. 

While the story wasn’t what I expected it was still entertaining.  I was a little confused in the timeline at a few points but nothing earth shattering.   Rachel and Henri’s journey towards one another is fraught with interfering exes and the odd white slaver.  Not to mention the wicked aunt dressed in black.  Throw in a language barrier and a few white lies and you have a quick read that is lightly entertaining. 



Book Blurb for French Kiss

Who needs safe and boring when you can play with a pirate on the French Riviera?

Burned-out author Rachel Conklin sparks her creativity on the French Riviera as a fishing boat cook. Things are smooth sailing until she’s thrown overboard into a storm-tossed sea. Rachel awakens to find herself staring into the eyes of a sexy pirate-looking hunk who changes the course of her life forever.

Dr. Henri Bernier is an analytical man with a quiet life and a job he loves. The last thing he expects to find when he anchors his treasured fishing boat in the sheltered harbor of a small island is an accidental mermaid washed ashore. He soon learns his perfect life leaves much to be desired.

Will desire save them or drown them in a perfect storm from their pasts?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.00