One Night With a Goddess

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One Night With a Goddess

One Night With A Goddess is a lovely tale set in a modern day setting. The characters at Castleberry Hall have personality. They are party organizers and are led by Chloe Degodessa. Chloe the Muse of Happiness (wouldn't you know), one of Zeus' daughters, has been sent to earth to prove she can perform a job well, and not fall in love.

Only, guess what? Chloe falls for Dr."Studly", Matt who is Castleberry's owner's grandson.

This is lighthearted fictional romance you can take to the overstuffed chair and read on the weekend.

Book Blurb for One Night With a Goddess

I admit life's been very sweet on Mount Olympus these past few centuries . . . until now. Zeus is convinced that I'm not doing enough as the Muse of Happiness, and I have to prove myself by spending a year among mortals. Now I'm working as a wedding planner. In Chicago.

Helping these lovebirds find happily-ever-after is one thing, but putting up with Matthew Castleberry is another story. The sexy doctor thinks I'm out to fleece his grandmother, my boss, and he's made it very clear he intends to keep an eye on me. His gaze may be more heated than wary, with promises of sensual delights . . . so perhaps I'll give him one unforgettable night with a goddess. But what if one night isn't enough for either of us? If I fall in love, I might never get back home to Mount Olympus!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.75