French Delights

Naughty Ladies of Nice Book 2

This is a good summer weight novella; it is the second book in the Naughty Ladies of Nice series by Ms. Taylor. It is not necessary to read the first book in order to read this novella. It took me about an hour to read.
The heroine, Lisette Hugo, is on vacation in France. She has rented a house from Paul D’Laquois and has been spending her afternoons watching a man that she thinks is the gardener, and who she finds sexier than a Chippendale’s dancer. She’s thirty two years old and hasn’t had a lover in some time due to all of the hours that she puts into her work. She’s somewhat lonely and her libido is somewhat in overdrive.
Paul D’Laquois has been working in the garden on his family’s estate for some time. He’s a research scientist working on developing a fruit tree that would grow in different soils to help with world hunger issues. He knows who Lisette is and that she has been watching him from her window daily and he has been putting on a bit of a show. He’s also poor as a church mouse.
Circumstances bring Paul and Lisette together and their attraction can’t be denied. There are of course obstacles to their romance in a couple of areas. Both Paul and Lisette have to make a decision as to whether they think that there is more to them as a couple than just the physical attraction.
I would have liked it if the author had added a little more character depth to both Lisette and Paul’s characters. I would also have liked a little more depth in the supporting cast; however, it was an entertaining read for a summer afternoon. The spicier elements of the story were very well done.

Book Blurb for French Delights

Fantasy blooms in a garden of wicked delight.

Science is Paul’s life. Close to a major breakthrough, all he wants is to be left alone with his trees and not be forced to entertain a corporate suit. That is until the suit arrives in a sexy sundress. Now all Paul thinks about is experimenting on her.

Lisette is less than thrilled to spend a month at a moldering chateau on the French Riviera with some dried up old scientist for company. However the hot man in dirty jeans tending his scraggly trees proves more of a garden fantasy than the nerd in a lab coat.

Sex and science create a volatile formula resulting in total delight.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25