Photo Op

Photo Op!

Photojournalist Emily Peters has gone to Paris for some much needed time to relax. When she gets an invitation to the exclusive Shields & Goodman Club she jumps on the chance. If she can expose even a little bit of the mystique of the place it would be worth it. but she didn’t plan on meeting a sexy man who offered to show her around.
Nick Caine restaurant owner spots Emily as soon as she is escorted into his club. Stunned that she is there in his club it takes him a few minutes to get over his shock. He hadn’t planned on enjoying any female company tonight, but she was a treasure to tempting to resist. Knowing she was a famous photojournalist he wasn’t surprised by the way she observed her surroundings. Offering to give her an escorted tour of the establishment seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do. Offering to give her a night of pleasure was what her really wanted to do.
This is a quick paced read rife with emotion. The story makes you think about how surprise meetings can often lead to very interesting situations. Taylor effectively draws you into the story.
Special Notes: Bondage, voyeurism.

Book Blurb for Photo Op

Never mix business with pleasure, unless pleasure is your business.

Photojournalist Emily Peters treats herself to the perfect birthday gift - a weekend in Paris. Her excitement builds when she hits the scene of the exclusive S&G Club. Exposing the truth behind their private pleasure chambers and the elite who frequent them will be the diamond in her career crown. At least Em thinks so until she’s tied up in knots by the Devil himself.

British restaurateur Nicholas Caine visits Paris to check on his S&G Club investment and to sample its many benefits. Nick’s not on the hunt until he encounters a tiger that pretends to be a kitten. There’s no doubt she’ll satisfactorily flex her claws given the right incentive.

What starts as a prime photo opportunity evolves into a weekend of erotic fantasies as Nick awakens Emily’s dark passions.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.75