Stone Cold Lover

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Stone Cold Lover

Gargoyles, #2

This is the second installment of Christine Warren's Gargoyles series. If you liked Ms. Warren's “Others” series you will like her new series as well. I love the world she has created for the Gargoyles series. This story is exciting from the start until the finish. I fell in love with this series when I read the first book and the second book was ever better. I can't wait for the third book in this series.

Felicity "Fil" Shaltis is an art restorer. She can also read the magic in peoples auras. Her old college friend calls her up wanting her to check out a gargoyle statue that is stored where she works. Felicity is drawn to the statue so much that her hands itch. When she touches the stature he comes alive and saves her when a bomb is detonated by a cultist who was sent to destroy the statue.

Spar is one of seven immortal warriors called Guardians. They are created to fight and vanquish the seven demons of the Dark. He should have stayed asleep and only been awakened by a Warden. He should not have been awoken by a human woman who is now marked by a demon. Spar finds himself growing attached to Fil. Can he manage to keep the woman who is his soul mate from harm and battle the Dark and save humanity?

Book Blurb for Stone Cold Lover

Bestselling author Christine Warren is back with the second book in a breathtaking new series about the tantalizing line between man and monster…

Art restorer Felicity "Fil" Shaltis can read the magic in auras, but her fascination with a valuable statue her friend Ella Harrow asks her to locate is purely artistic. At least until the fierce stone gargoyle comes to life as a powerful, and powerfully hot, immortal warrior, who promptly saves her life from a cultist set on destroying them both. Suddenly "chiseled good looks" takes on a whole new meaning…


Spar expected nothing less than one of the seven demons of the Dark to wake him—and instead finds himself the unlikely savior of a spirited human female who now bears the mark of the demon. As one of seven Guardians created to vanquish the Darkness, Spar has no time for love—but he can’t deny that his destiny is clearly entwined with Fil’s. To battle the looming threat to humanity, first Spar must save the woman who summoned him...

"Warren takes readers for a wild ride."—Night Owl Romance (on The Others series)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00