Accidentally Dead

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Accidentally Dead

The Accidental Series, Book 2

Nina is a girl with an attitude and a potty mouth. She's had some employment issues but just started a new job as a dental hygienist when her very first patient bites her. He even draws blood! He didn't mean to bit her but the anesthesia reacted badly with him. Now, Nina is in a panic. Her boss sent her home to get over the bit but when she wakes up over 24 hours later, something is seriously wrong with her. She has fangs, really big fangs. Not only that but she can smell the blood in her pet guinea pig and see the label on the canned corn in a neighbor's apartment that isn't even close to hers. Time to do what any other scared girl does, call your best friend.

Nina's best friend is Marty. Marty recently got married to Keegan, the head of a werewolf pack, after Keegan accidentally turned Marty into a werewolf. Nina figures Marty will be able to help her if no one else can; after all paranormal strange is paranormal strange, right? Marty, at first, doesn't believe Nina and thinks Nina is just after attention. But as any real friend would do, she quickly makes arrangements to fly to Nina's apartment. In the meantime, she calls another good friend of both of them, Wanda, to get to Nina's apartment immediately.

Wanda is normal, whatever normal is. That is she is a hard working divorcee who loves reading paranormal romance books. She loves her friends even when they are picking at each other and frequently breaks up squabbles that the other two are having.

Once all the women are together, they start looking up online what could be Nina's problem. It all points to Nina really is a vampire. Now, they need to find the guy who turned her and get her turned back into a human. Nina doesn't want to be a vampire. She wants to keep her day job. The thought of drinking blood was discussing.

Gregori is the guy in question or the vampire in question. He lives in a castle with his mom. Well, she's not really his mom but has been playing that role in his life for years. When Nina shows up at his door, she remembers knocking and then wakes up to drinking something that really tastes good and laying on Gregori's lap! She seems to have passed out from lack of nourishment. Nina is first upset that she has drunk blood and then mad that it doesn't seem like anyone can change her back to human.

The book continues with Nina resisting being a vampire, Gregori who generally goes by Greg making sure she is getting blood to drink and trying to help her learn to be a vampire, and Nina's friends trying to help Nina do what is best for her. Nina also has to deal with an elderly grandmother who when she meets Greg thinks he's perfect for Nina. Add to this story mix a problem that Greg has to fix by his 500th birthday which is just days away.

This book was great. Ms Cassidy took this story with lots of different characters and infused it with lots of humor. When trying to narrow down who could have bitten Nina and turned her, Marty suggests that maybe Nina had been involved in a barroom brawl or a little girl-on-girl Jell-o wrestling. Nina is always calling Marty some kind of dog as she is a werewolf just to get a rise out of her. These little touches of humor bring the characters to life and makes the reader know that no matter what, a little humor can go a long way.

The characters are very well fleshed out. You know that Nina is never going to be a woman who just stands there and takes anything. She is going to fight for what she wants until the end. Greg is going to do what is right even if he doesn't want to do it. Nina is driving him nuts but still he shows up to make sure she's all right. Even the secondary characters in this book are made real. You know that Marty and Wanda care about Nina and would do whatever they could for her. You also know that Wanda is hopelessly addicted to romance novels but doesn't think there is a man out there for her.

This is the second book in a series that Ms Ca

Book Blurb for Accidentally Dead

It's a lousy first day on the job for Nina Blackman when a patient, loopy from the anesthesia, bites her. At least he was cute. But for real drama she can't beat the next evening. Nina wakes up with a set of razor-sharp fangs, bionic vision, supersonic hearing, and a taste for blood. But there's a good explanation: It's her patient, Long Island vampire Greg Statleon. Actually they're perfect for each other-if Nina's willing to commit to one man for eternity.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00