One Night Only

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One Night Only

Erotic Encounters

What is it about a one night stand that turns people on? Is it the idea in indulging in a sexual fantasy without any real consequences? The freedom that the time restraint gives you to do whatever you would like without the least bit of guilt because it was only once; something that you can excuse by saying “I only did it once” or “It was a onetime mistake”. One Night Only: Erotic Encounters does not attempt to answer these philosophical questions but simply shows you how fun it can be to surrender to unrestrained desire and take what you want, when you want it.

One Night Only is a collection of stories edited by Violet Blue and contains nineteen scintillating stories of men and women having giving into their lust and having the ultimate sexual encounter. Each story spans the globe from the streets backstreets of L.A. to the old museums in Paris, to a crowded subway in New York these tales are widely adventurous and fabulously wicked to read. While they are fantasies, they are still believable enough that you only care about getting to the end without thinking. You never question anyone’s sanity because you are too busy fanning yourself because the stories are so hot. I cannot rate these stories individually because it is a collection of short stories and there is not enough material (or need) to do something like that. As a collection this is a well-written and structured book that is a must read for anyone who collects erotica, or wants to start.

The only criticism that I may have may be considered nitpicking but it is on the book itself so is fair game: this book is not the dirtiest and wildest of fantasies that I have read. I have read more extreme almost violent books with the same themes. Also I would have preferred a little more diversity in the stories: not just explicitly race related but also with the sexuality. Having the entire series be heterosexual focused is a little boring. Maybe my jaded and dirty mind has read one too many erotic books to be surprised, but these are small criticisms that the book easily overcomes because of the quality of the writing. Overall this collection is a brilliant and focused set of tales that will leave you wanting more. I will recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and fun read.

Book Blurb for One Night Only

Some temptations are just too tantalizing to ignore—the hot guy at the Apple Genius Bar, the mysterious stranger in the train station who makes you sweat, the nameless faceless stranger at the club whose dirty dancing left you breathless. From quickies, to lost weekends, to three-ways and nights that you'll want to last forever, One Night Only is a collection of delightfully dirty bon mots edited by the one and only Violet Blue. Always surprising, sometimes sweetly romantic, and more than a little shocking, these stories of sudden sex are designed to get your juices flowing and inspire your OWN tale of one night of love, lust, and fantasy! One of the most seductive set of stories ever put to print!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50