Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game

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Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game

As a huge fan of Sydney Sheldon’s writing, I have missed his departure from this earth.  Master of the Game was one of the “Master’s” best books.  Now, a new author has taken up where the fantastic Mr. Sheldon left off, and brings us this new (equally fantastic story) that takes us back into the powerful and greedy family known as the Blackwell clan.

Lexi Templeton is born into the Blackwell lineage and is being groomed to take over the entire million-dollar corporation that her family owns called, Kruger-Bent, Ltd.  This corporation was begun hundreds of years ago, started by a diamond thief and built into one of the most powerful empires in the world.  Lexi has a bit of competition for the CEO job, however – her cousin Max.  Max is the offspring of Eve – a horrific woman who hated her sister (Lexi’s mother) and couldn’t wait to put her in the grave.  She believes that with all the pain and agony she’s had to put up with in her lifetime (including having her own ”crazy” plastic-surgeon husband scar her face beyond repair) that her offspring is the child who should be granted the whole Blackwell kingdom.

From the first page that deals with the burial of the Blackwell matriarch in 1984, to the last page that focuses on the huge rivalry and an attempted arrest between Max and Lexi, there are storylines galore embedded in every magical page.  With each chapter the author gives us a brother who goes from drug addict to saint; a father who wants to “off” his children because he blames them for his wife dying; an evil woman who will do anything and everything to bury her relations and rise to the top to get what she so richly deserves; and, the age old tried and true storytelling of power-hungry and money-grubbing people.  Tilly Bagshawe should pat herself on the back for doing the “Master” proud.

Book Blurb for Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game

Beloved number one internationally bestselling author Sidney Sheldon introduced the glamorous, scheming Blackwell family and its unforgettable matriarch, Kate Blackwell, in his worldwide bestseller Master of the Game. Now a generation has passed, and as the world has changed, so too has America's own royal family.
Yet the intervening years have not lessened the Blackwells' drama or talent for manipulation, domination, and passion. Though Kate is long gone, the children of her beloved granddaughters, Eve and Alexandra, battle to carry on her powerful legacy. Each is determined to control Kruger-Brent, Ltd., the multibillion-dollar international corporation with holdings in diverse industries around the globe. But only one can reign supreme. . . .
Lexi Templeton is a ruthless competitor with the brains and beauty to match. Raised by her psychiatrist father, Lexi burns to follow in her great-grandmother's footsteps and become her own Mistress of the Game.
She is not alone in her ambitions. Her handsome and nefarious cousin, Max Webster, the son of Eve, will stop at nothing to own the prize of Kruger-Brent. Driven by hatred, jealousy, and blinding devotion to his bitter and twisted mother, he will seduce, betray, and even kill to succeed.
And there is another player with plans of his own: a little-known descendant of Kate's great-grandfather. Growing up in poverty in Aberdeen, Scotland, handsome and cunning Gabriel McGregor is determined to fulfill his destiny . . a quest that will lead him deep into the heart of the Kruger-Brent empire.
In a family rife with secrets—murder, hidden identities, perversions—and a depraved sense of honor, the player who wins the game may be the only one who will survive.

Full of the late master's trademark elements—remarkable characters, dazzling plotting, and a page-turning narrative style—this sizzling sequel vividly captures the master's voice and irresistible magic. Vintage Sheldon, Mistress of the Game will enthrall loyal fans and introduce his enduring brand to legions more. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00