Paris, Baby!

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Paris, Baby!

After living in Paris for eight years, Kirsten is embarking on a whole new type of lifestyle in the glittering City of Lights: motherhood! Of course, motherhood means lifestyle changes, but Paris' unique eccentricity and accepting residents are always sociable and accepting.


Kirsten soon finds that she must navigate a society which - gasp - could care less that she is a single mother or, even worse - judges her for it. As she faces the normal physician and emotional demands of being a mother, she must somehow learn to also incorporate Parisian society into those struggles.

Fun, oh sweet fun. That's exactly what Paris, Baby! is. Enjoyable, light and with a stream-of-consciousness writing style that you are unlikely to find as beautifully done anywhere else, this book is no run-of-the-mill "chick lit". Lobe makes an easily readable book more readable by aptly describing the joys and pains of single motherhood in a society that turns out not to be what it first seemed. So sit back and be prepared to delve into this laugh-out-loud ride of a novel.

Book Blurb for Paris, Baby!

Is it possible to maintain chic as a single-mom-to-be in a city where it’s all supposed to be effortless and breastfeeding is a horreur?  Does one live by the Parisienne’s pregnancy plan of smoking, drinking, and cheese-eating avec vin blanc, but jamais jamais gain more than six kilos? And how to handle a pickup attempt by a married man in the baby department of Bon Marché when you’re eight months along?  After all, American girls do things differently: Lamaze class and baby showers, sensible prenatal care and…family to watch you proudly grow more and more pregnant.

Paris is full of delights for a new mom: the Luxembourg Gardens, baby boutiques too precious to be passed by, a petit brioche for a teething tot.  But home exerts a powerful pull. Should your child grow up skipping by the Seine or scampering up a tree house?  Should it be “Mommy” or “Maman”? And can a tall blonde with a taste for Veuve Cliquot and Vuitton ever make it in the land of mom jeans and Happy Meals?

Paris, Baby! is novelist Kirsten Lobe’s warm, funny memoir about Paris, Frenchmen, friendship, babies, and making it on one’s own.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.75