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Itch Rocks

The Further Adventures of an Element Hunter,#2

I have to say that this is one book that everyone would love. I really want a TV show made of this one!! Hey CW, are you hearing this?! This one is right up your ally!

Ok so both myself and my now 10 year old (her bday was back on the 2nd) devoured Itch Rocks. I read book 2 while she was reading book one. Well let’s say I had to speed up because she wanted to read this one as soon as she was done!

I am amazed at how good book two was! This year has been a year of sequels kicking butt and taking names! And this one is no different. And to top it off there is a book three coming out, EEP! We read this book in two days and so can't wait for book three.

The story is explosive! The characters grow even more. Man when does book three come out in the states?

Itch's life has changed so much since book one. He disposed of the rocks that got him in the hot seat and now his family is in protected by MI5. So now Itch's hope in making friends etc. are squashed since they have bodyguards living with them. He is trying to keep the secret of where the element 126 is and he won't tell anyone, not even the good guys. I loved the fact that even though he was young Itch stood his ground.

Itch Rocks will knock your socks off with more adventure, twists and turns. Readers will be kept guessing until the end! The Further Adventures of an Element Hunter are the type of stories our kids will want to read! So donate one to your school or library today!

Go Into This One Knowing that if your kids get a whiff of the awesomeness that is Itch you won't get your book back! So buy two copies if you can! Also know that this is a fast paced read! Even though it’s kind of long you will be done before you know it!

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Book Blurb for Itch Rocks

Itchingham Lofte is back—and now he's the most protected boy in the world! After narrowly escaping the thugs from Greencorps and disposing of element 126, Itch and his family live under constant surveillance by England's famed MI5. But even these top agents may not be able to help him when enemies old and new scheme to get their hands on the super-radioactive rocks—even if they have to kill Itch to do it. Filled with danger, thrills, and some shocking surprises, this suspenseful sequel is every bit as exciting as the first!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00