Game of Queens

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Game of Queens

A Novel of Vashti and Esther

Historical fiction can be a difficult subject, even more so when it’s based on Biblical characters. India Edghill took on that challenge with “Game of Queens”, a book looking at Esther and Vashti. Almost everyone is familiar with the basic premise of the story, with Vashti losing her crown and Esther being chosen to replace her. But India Edghill has reimagined this story, with two strong female characters who, in a time that had them powerless, made choices that not only changed their lives but their whole land. This book was a strong read beginning to end. The author did an outstanding job of fleshing out historical characters into developed personalities, while staying true to the Biblical story known for ages. I especially enjoyed Daniel’s story being interwoven with Esther, creating a multi-layered plot. All in all, “Game of Queens” helps cement India Edghill’s well-deserved reputation as a master of historical fiction.

Book Blurb for Game of Queens

For fans of The Red Tent and The Dovekeepers, India Edghill breathes new life into the biblical story of Vashti and Esther with her signature historical richness, epic scope, and sweeping romance.

You may know part of the story already, but you only know what history has passed along. The story of how Vashti, Queen of Queens, the most beautiful woman in all the empire, defied the king her husband and so lost her crown. The story of how Ahasuerus, King of Kings, commanded that the most beautiful maidens be sent to his court so he might choose a new queen. And you may know how he set the queen's crown upon the head of the virtuous and beautiful Esther, and how Queen Esther herself defied both king and law to save her people from a treacherous fate.

What India Edghill brings us in Game of Queens is the story of power and treachery, blood and deception, bravery and romance that surrounds the court of Ahasuerus and brings to life two of the most celebrated female heroines in all of history.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50