The Confession of Katherine Howard

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The Confession of Katherine Howard

Henry VIII has been unlucky in love; a Spanish queen that is set aside due to her barreness because of God's anger, a teasing beauty sent to the chopping block, a quiet queen that dies in childbirth, and a plain princess that "withers" the king's interest. Now Henry has fallen for his pure English rose, Katherine Howard. But Katherine Howard is far from pure, and will she be able to navigate the dangerous waters of Henry's court without him realizing this. Childhood friend Cat Tilney is called to serve the new queen. With cloths of gold and gems surrounding her Katherine seems impervious to all gossip, but that can always change. Cat just wants a happy and long life with her love Francis, but that may not be what the future holds.

I love English history and especially Henry VIII's family, so I was excited to see this new novel. "The Confession of Katherine Howard" did not disappoint. Suzannah Dunn did a superb job of bringing to life this intriguing time period, filled with captivating characters that seem larger than life. By telling the story from the viewpoint of a childhood friend, a woman's view of the changes sweeping England's church and goverment makes for interesting reading. For anyone who enjoys Carolly Erickson and Allison Weir, this is a definite must read. "The Confession of Katherine Howard" is a welcome addition to my bookshelf.

Book Blurb for The Confession of Katherine Howard

The new novel from the bestselling author of THE SIXTH WIFE. 'England: firelight and fireblush; wine-dark, winking gemstones and a frost of pearls. Wool as soft as silk, in leaf-green and moss; satins glossy like a midsummer night or opalescent like winter sunrise!Little did we know it but that night we were already ghosts in our own lives!' When twelve-year-old Katherine Howard comes to live in the Duchess of Norfolk's household, poor relation Cat Tilney is deeply suspicious of her. The two girls couldn't be more different: Cat, watchful and ambitious; Katherine, interested only in clothes and boys. Their companions are in thrall to Katherine, but it's Cat in whom Katherine confides and, despite herself, Cat is drawn to her. Summoned to court at seventeen, Katherine leaves Cat in the company of her ex-lover, Francis, and the two begin their own, much more serious, love affair. Within months, the king has set aside his Dutch wife Anne for Katherine. The future seems assured for the new queen and her maid-in-waiting, although Cat would feel more confident if Katherine hadn't embarked on an affair with one of the king's favoured attendants, Thomas Culpeper. However, for a blissful year and a half, it seems that Katherine can have everything she wants. But then allegations are made about her girlhood love affairs. Desperately frightened, Katherine recounts a version of events which implicates Francis but which Cat knows to be a lie. With Francis in the Tower, Cat alone knows the whole truth of Queen Katherine Howard - but if she tells, Katherine will die.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50