Mystical Experiences

Wisdom in Unexpected Places from Prison to Main Street

A man is warned to get out of a car before an SUV crashes into it, totaling the vehicle. A girl out taking pictures is lifted up into the air by an unseen force after accidentally stepping on the head of a snake and praying for help. A soldier talking with who he thinks is a native island girl is stunned when the girl casually removes her head and places it on her lap. These are just some of the stories readers will be able to enjoy and marvel over when they read Dr. Jack Farrell’s book, Mystical Experiences: Wisdom in Unexpected Places from Prisons to Main Street.

Dr. Farrell’s interest in the unexplained began after a woman who was gifted with the sight foretold that he would one day be working for the state, describing the exact view from his office window. At first, he thought the notion was rubbish, but he thought twice after that prediction came true, right down to the view from his window. This set him on a journey to learning more about things that happen which science cannot always explain. For example, dreams that warn people of some disaster or another, or even what appear to be ghostly encounters. People hear things, see things. Because some of the people sharing their stories in this book are inmates at the correctional facility Dr. Farrell works at, one may assume that they are people seeking attention or just making things up. However, Dr. Farrell notes that he screened these sessions very well to weed out the people who seemed to be lying to him or just trying to get noticed.

Another thing that I liked about this book is that Dr. Farrell is not one of those authors who just writes about things they have only researched but never personally tried out for themselves. He actually practices what he preaches. He actually visits locations, tries things out and studies the meaning behind some legend or another. Finally, he also talks about assorted myths, legends, beliefs and use of amulets for supernatural reasons.

This was a book that was hard to put down. I enjoyed reading it because there was so much to learn about, so many stories of interesting things that have happened and so much study and thoroughness put into his work.

If you like reading books about mystical experiences, ghostly encounters, supernatural rituals and beliefs, this is the book for you.

Book Blurb for Mystical Experiences

A young man heard a voice inside his head, “Get outta the car. Get outta the car.” He jumped out and, seconds later, the car was destroyed.

This story of a supernatural warning is one of many mystical encounters Dr. Farrell heard in twenty-three years working as a prison psychologist. Men in solitary confinement have nowhere to go, so some go out of body. Prisons are ghost-laden, and some murderers are confronted by the ghost of their victim asking, “Why?” Other men are comforted by visitations. Some men learn to put themselves into a trance where they contact dead relatives for advice or to relieve loneliness. Many drug dealers tell of dead former comrades telling them, “Get off the street. Get out of the drug game.”

Dr. Farrell heard similar stories from his middle-class patients representing a variety of professions including teachers, nurses, construction workers, firefighters, veterans and others who had mystical experiences. People who have these encounters are transformed. After most mystical experiences people become more centered and less distracted by superficial excitements such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, or uncommitted sex. For this reason the final section of the book presents a variety of paths, including meditation, which induce spiritual experiences.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00