All Those Things We Never Said

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All Those Things We Never Said

I’m a new reader to Mr. Levy’s work, but after reading this book I’m a new fan without a doubt. In this story, we read about a strained relationship between Julia Walsh and her father. It wasn’t something that just happened overnight, but more like throughout Julia’s whole life. I felt so bad for her because while she was getting things ready before her wedding day, she received a phone call that her father wouldn’t be in attendance. Normally, that wouldn’t have been such a shock, but the reason why he wouldn’t be at his daughter’s wedding was because he passed away. My heart went out to Julia as her final wedding plans now turned into funeral ones. I could only imagine what she must have felt about the situation. This story wove many twists and turns for the readers and it no doubt kept me riveted to my seat while I frantically turned the pages to see what happened next. This is one story that I highly recommend and I look forward to seeing what other stories Mr. Levy might already have available to read. Well done!

Julia Walsh is eagerly counting down the days to her wedding and doing her last minute preparations when she’s sidetracked completely with some somber news she’s receives. It seems her father won’t be in attendance at her wedding, which isn’t the problem, but considering the reason he won’t be there is because he’s passed on. Now, her happy day has turned into a sad one without any warning. But it seems that even though her father has passed on, he’s still making his presence known to her in many ways even though their relationship has been nothing but strained for many years. What happens the day after the funeral that’s a total surprise to Julia?

Book Blurb for All Those Things We Never Said

A romantic comedy set in a world that is larger than life... A story that entices the reader to believe the unbelievable...

As far back as Julia Walsh could remember, she always had a difficult relationship with her father. They hardly ever saw each other. Hardly ever spoke, and on the rare occasions they did, they never seemed to agree on anything.

Three days before her wedding, Julia receives a phone call from her father's personal secretary. Just as Julia had predicted, Anthony Walsh will not be able to attend his daughter's wedding.

However, for once, Julia has to admit that her father's excuse is irreproachable.

He's dead.

Julia cannot help seeing the tragic-comical side of the situation. From one second to the next, her nuptial dreams transform into funeral plans. Even beyond the grave, it seems, Anthony Walsh has his own particularly effective way of disrupting his daughter's life.

But the day after his funeral, Julia discovers that her father has one last surprise in store for her. Without a doubt, the journey of a life-time, and an opportunity to say, at last, all those things they had never said.

With this novel, Marc Levy creates a world of mischief and suspense. At its heart, lie the relationship between a father and daughter, and a tale of first love, the kind of love that never dies.

Over 1.5 million copies sold worldwide.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00