Clumsy Duck

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Clumsy Duck

Poor Clumsy Duck is so upset because no matter how careful she is, she seems to constantly fall, trip or stumble since her webbed feet are so big. One day, she meets Chick and they become close friends. Chick helps Clumsy Duck out by seeing what her webbed feet are good for. Through a few different attempts, they both find out that Clumsy Duck is a great swimmer because of her large webbed feet. Once Clumsy Duck realizes just how good a swimmer she is, her confidence builds and she no longer is worried about falling, tripping and stumbling around.

I thought this was a great book for children to read or have read to them because it teaches such a great lesson. They learn that no matter how different you might be at doing something, everyone is special in their own way and is good at something. Just like Clumsy Duck, you have to keep trying things until you do well in something. Once you find that you succeed at something, guaranteed you’ll feel great about yourself and you’ll gain the confidence you lacked previously. This publisher has labeled this book for ages 3-6 and grades Preschool-1.

Book Blurb for Clumsy Duck

Poor Clumsy Duck! Not a day goes by without her stumbling, tripping, or falling over her huge webbed feet. But with the help of her special friend Little Chick, Clumsy Duck discovers exactly what those big feet are good for—and what a fabulous swimmer she is. With delightful illustrations and a most endearing character, Britta Teckentrup has created a charming story about finding your own special talents.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00