The Boy's Book of Adventure

The Little Guidebook for Smart and Resourceful Boys

This adventure book is jam packed with plenty of ideas for young boys to read and learn from. There are many creative things the kids can make and the authors provide an abundance of information for boys to learn from while they’re flipping the pages. I loved the diversity of the homemade projects shown that can be made with some simple supplies and the different information provided was fun to read through. They provided information to such things as the different kinds of insects you might find in your backyard and what that insect’s job is. Another wonderful idea is that the authors provided the information regarding the necessary equipment needed to bike ride, along with teaching bike safety to readers. Two projects that I thought were really fun and interesting were how to read a map and how to send special coded letters to your friends who also understand the code. Still others are teaching boys how to bird-watch, fish or even pick out constellations in the night sky. There are plenty of things to learn, do or make within this book that will keep boys busy for hours at a time. It’s geared toward middle graders so depending on your child, you may need to lend a hand with some of the crafting projects. Overall, I think this is a fun book that any boy would love to have so it could occupy his time over summer break. I highly recommend it!

In this guide, the authors have provided a long list of fun things for boys to do to keep themselves occupied. Some of the things include learning about nature, while others are learning secret codes to send letters to their friends. Still other things are learning to fish or identify animal tracks, while they can also learn how to pick out constellations at night. No matter what the middle grader’s age, they’ll have plenty to choose from with the long list of fun things to do in this handy book.

Book Blurb for The Boy's Book of Adventure

Here's an exciting book packed with facts about nature, ideas for outdoor activities, and fun-to-do crafts projects that will keep boys interested and busy all year around. It's filled with color illustrations and diagrams that teach kids--

How to recognize different kinds of insects and observe their activities How to identify different kinds of rocks How to read a topographic map How to construct a camper's backpack How to tie sailors' knots How to build a periscope . . . and much more

Camping advice and instruction includes ways to protect against the weather, first-aid for injuries, advice on using a compass, tips for studying the night sky, identifying birds, and much more. The book's wide array of topics and sturdy construction makes it an ideal outdoor companion for hiking and camping excursions. An elastic band bound into the back cover can be stretched over pages and used as a place marker. Color illustrations on every page.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00