Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food

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Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food

120 Authentic Recipes to Make at Home

“Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food: 120 Authentic Recipes to Make at Home” by Ivy Stark with Joanna Pruess is a cookbook filled with recipes, anecdotes, and pictures of various dishes based on adaptations of street food of Mexico. Apparently, most of these dishes were/are served at the Dos Caminos restaurants and some of the pictures show the prepared item. There are some directions that aren’t as clear to me, which I think may be presuming more culinary skill than I have, and there are pretty exotic ingredients for some of the dishes. Some of the step-by-step pictures are a little too small for my tastes but it was definitely interesting to read the descriptions of the various cultures and foods of Mexico and their influence on the dishes. It was mind-boggling to see pictures of the piles of dried chiles or the lists of fruits and a delicious guided tour through fascinating dishes ranging from breakfast through dessert, in addition to exotic drinks that can be made from a minimal number of ingredients.

Book Blurb for Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food

After twenty years of traveling throughout Mexico, Chef Ivy Stark became enchanted by the colorful, tasty native foods and was determined to bring them to America. From stylish couples enjoying beef tacos at a café to day laborers standing at a counter over a paper plate filled with carnitas, everyone loves this delicious, accessible cuisine.

While the bright, robust flavors of Mexican cooking have tempted taste buds north of the border for decades, only recently has the country’s lesser-known street food filtered onto the American table via California and the Southwest. Versatile and simple, these dishes can be enjoyed as a quick nibble or as part of an elegant meal. Stark introduces both beginners and skilled cooks to such traditional foods as Mexico City corn, smoked fish tostadas, plan-tain croquettes, and much more. Stark offers time-saving techniques and make-ahead suggestions, as well as tips for working with Mexican seasonings and produce like chilies and plantains.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50