In Search of My Father

"Here's looking at you kid" is a phrase I grew up hearing. It wasn't until I watched "Casablanca" that I truly understood why so many use this iconic quote of Humphrey Bogart's character. It's because of Humphrey Bogart himself, who embodied Rick perfectly, and leaves viewers wanting more. "Casablanca" easily became one of my favorite movies, so when I saw "Bogart" I just had to read it. Stephen Bogart has done an amazing job combining his memories and experiences with those of his father's. Readers will find themselves learning not only about the world famous actor, but about a Hollywood that is so different from the one today. Humphrey Bogart becomes less perfect, but more human and more relatable through the story. I found myself laughing at some of Bogie's more outrageous quotes, and I can't help but wonder what he would think of actors today. The best part of this story is reading about how Humphrey Bogart's friends thought of him. Through a well- written, complex story the reader will get to know Humphrey Bogart as a human, not just an actor.

"Bogart" is the biography of world famous actor, Humphrey Bogart. His son, Stephen Bogart with the help of Lauren Bacall, uses memories and stories from some of Humphrey Bogart's friends, such as, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, John Huston, and more to write a fascinating story about not only an actor, but a husband, father, and friend.

Book Blurb for Bogart

For countless millions, Humphrey Bogart’s screen performances and real-life persona merged to make him one of the world’s most fabled figures—a legend of mythic proportions. Or, as his Sam Spade would have put it—the stuff that dreams are made of.

But for his only son, Stephen, eight years old in 1957 when his father died of lung cancer, Humphrey Bogart’s giant shadow was a burden he carried until he finally came to understand the private man behind his father’s public face. And now, in this candid and insightful biography, Stephen Bogart explores and illuminates Humphrey Bogart’s life, work, and relationships as they never have been before.

Writing with the encouragement of his famous mother, Lauren Bacall, Stephen calls on his memories, and take full advantage of the extraordinary access he has had to friends and colleagues of his father. The result is an intimate and personal profile of an enigmatic man whose tough image contrasted with very human ambitions and vulnerabilities. It is also a vastly entertaining book, filled with fascinating stories involving Frank Sinatra, Katharine Hepburn, “Swifty” Lazar, John Huston, Stephen Bogart’s stepfather, Jason Robards, and many others.

Here is Humphrey Bogart, the pro’s pro on the set and the Hollywood renegade off it. The man’s man, the ladies’ man, the hard worker, and the man who liked to drink too much. The husband in three roller-coaster marriages and finally one perfect match, the proud father and absentee parent, the good friend and even better enemy. Here are eye-witness accounts of his most celebrated public misdeeds and moving testimonies of his most unexpected private moments. And finally, in perhaps the most compelling chapter of this shining saga, here is the close-up of Bogart’s last months, where his courage, dignity, and humor made his most stirring celluloid roles seem pale.

Combining the drama of Humphrey Bogart’s life with that of a son whose path of reconciliation first had to move through a very difficult time, this is biography at its best—at once a loving tribute and a fascinating revelation. This ebook edition includes photographs directly from Stephen Bogart's personal collection.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 5.00