Dancing with Mr. Darcy

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Dancing with Mr. Darcy

Stories Inspired by Jane Austen and Chawton House

Dancing with Mr. Darcy features twenty stories that were part of the Jane Austen Short Story contest in 2009.

A few of the featured stories include :
"Jane Austen Over the Styx" by Victoria Owens - Jane Austen is brought up on charges before she can go on after crossing the Styx. The prosecuting counsel is made up of her characters, namely Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mrs. Ferrars, Mrs. Churchill, Lady Russell and Mrs. Norris.

"Second Thoughts" by Elsa A. Solender - Whereas Jane Austen accepts a proposal, then has second thoughts.

"Tears Fall on Orkney" by Nancy Saunders - Where a nameless writer writes a letter to Jane Austen about unrequited love and wonders what Jane would think about how the world looks 200 years on.

"The Jane Austen Hen Weekend" by Clair Humphries - A few friends get together for a weekend and just about everything that could go wrong, does go wrong.

While I liked some of the stories better than others, I really enjoyed reading the entire anthology. Part of the appeal for me was that, although predominantly set in contemporary times, there is a mix of time settings from the 1800s ("Jane Austen Over the Styx" and "Second Thoughts"), to World War II ("Miss Austen Victorious") to more current settings. Another part of the appeal for me, that goes hand in hand with the mix of different years, is that the stories also provided a mix of city and country settings, as well as different social class settings.

What really drew me to the collection is that every story was written in the same type of style that Jane Austen wrote in while letting the individual writing talents shine through. It was also nice to read the little blurbs from the authors regarding what inspired them to write the stories that they did.

Book Blurb for Dancing with Mr. Darcy

Dancing with Mr. Darcy is an anthology of winning entries in the “Jane Austen Short Story Award 2009"

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00