Saving Moby Dick

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Saving Moby Dick

The Enchanted Attic, #2

Saving Moby Dick was a good story with a good pace. How the twins and Walter deal with Captain Ahab, how the characters develop and interact with the people around them really makes the story work well. Having read Facing the Hunchback of Notre Dame, I found myself liking it a little bit better than Saving Moby Dick if only because I found Quasimodo to be a more sympathetic character than Captain Ahab (although he does wind up having some redeeming qualities). This was a good, solid read that readers will find enjoyable.

A month after Ophelia, Linus and Walter sent Quasimodo back through the circle, they bring forth Captain Ahab to try and steer him on a course different than the one he is on. While they work on the Captain, they try to keep him away from the townspeople even as they keep him occupied and introduce him to new (for him) wonders. They share their secret with their aunt and ask her for advice. Two questions that remain are: Will all their work be enough to change Ahab's course? And, will they be able to get him back in the book?

Book Blurb for Saving Moby Dick

This Character Could Be One Whale of a Problem In Saving Moby Dick, Linus, Ophelia, and their friend Walter think they can control the powers of the Enchanted Attic, and they plan to bring Captain Ahab from Book World into Real World---on their own terms. But even the best-laid plans go awry sometimes, and their adventures take a wild turn. Captain Ahab is far crazier than they realized, and bookstores aren't really the best places to find whales, white or otherwise.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50