The Witches of Cambridge

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The Witches of Cambridge

The Witches of Cambridge is a beautiful, whimsical tale filled with love, loss and the everyday lives of several women...who just happen to share the common bond of being witches.

I have heard wonderful things about Menna van Praag's books so I was delighted to have the chance to review this one. I wasn't disappointed.

This book is filled with real world love, loss, life, death, change...women trying to cope with whatever life throws at them.

The magical elements are very subtle making this vastly different than the paranormals and urban fantasy books that I normally read. I believe this falls into the magical realism category and I loved it.

Amadine is worrying that her husband is having an affair, Heloise is trying to move on after her husband's death, Kat is dealing with unrequited love, Cosima desperately wants a baby, and Noa is seduced by darkness. Each witch struggles with moving on, mending hearts, and dealing with whatever life throws at them. They help each other when they can, but a journey of the heart is often dealt with alone, until one is ready to see the light.

I will definitely be reading more of Menna van Praag's books.

Book Blurb for The Witches of Cambridge

For fans of Alice Hoffman, Sarah Addison Allen, and Adriana Trigiani, The Witches of Cambridge reveals an astonishing world where the heart’s deepest secrets give way to the magic of life-changing love.

Be careful what you wish for. If you’re a witch, you might just get it.

Amandine Bisset has always had the power to feel the emotions of those around her. It’s a secret she can share only with her friends—all professors, all witches—when they gather for the Cambridge University Society of Literature and Witchcraft. Amandine treasures these meetings but lately senses the ties among her colleagues beginning to unravel. If only she had her student Noa’s power to hear the innermost thoughts of others, she might know how to patch things up. Unfortunately, Noa regards her gift as a curse. So when a seductive artist claims he can cure her, Noa jumps at the chance, no matter the cost.

Noa’s not the only witch in over her head. Mathematics professor Kat has a serious case of unrequited love but refuses to cast spells to win anyone’s heart. Her sister, Cosima, is not above using magic to get what she wants, sprinkling pastries in her bakery with equal parts sugar and enchantment. But when Cosima sets her sights on Kat’s crush, she conjures up a dangerous love triangle.

As romance and longing swirl through every picturesque side street, the witches of Cambridge find their lives unexpectedly upended and changed in ways sometimes extraordinary, sometimes heartbreaking, but always enchanting.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.50