Fact or Fib? 1 - A Challenging Game of True or False

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Fact or Fib? 1 - A Challenging Game of True or False

Three statements; two are true and one is not. This game has been played for years and this book wonderfully illustrates these facts and fiction with pictures and more info about them all. This is a fairly long book and will have young and old alike scratching their heads trying to figure out which one is the fib. Though it says for grade 3 and up, I had my soon to be high schooler granddaughter playing and she had difficulties on some of the sets. Given that, I would say that a 3rd grader may become frustrated if playing too long. However, it would still be a great learning tool. Test your knowledge along with your kids or have them play by themselves. This book is sure to be a hit and there would be lots of ways to use it. Just let your imagination run wild.

Book Blurb for Fact or Fib? 1 - A Challenging Game of True or False

True or false?

Real or fiction?

FACT OR FIB? Find out about science and the world around us . . . all by playing a game! Each book in this brightly illustrated and entertaining new series gives kids (and adults, too!) lots of chances to test their smarts. How much do you know about dinosaurs, bugs, and animals? Play a round of “Fact or Fib” and find out! Stegosaurus had the smallest brain of all the dinosaurs. An ant can lift a ladybug. There are about four million dogs in the world today. Which of these is true—and which isn't? Each “fact or fib” features three statements—but only two are totally true. Make your choices, turn the page, and see whether you're right or wrong, along with more cool facts about the topic.

Age Range: 8 and up / Grade Level: 3 and up

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00