Fifty Years in Polygamy

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Fifty Years in Polygamy

Big Secrets and Little White Lies

With the increased interest in polygamy, Ms. Decker decided to share her story. She grew up in a polygamist home and eventually became part of a plural marriage. This book is a reflection of her life and experiences. However, this book starts with a history lesson about the Mormon Church and why polygamy. This section is a bit dry but necessary if you are not familiar with this bit of history. As Ms. Decker reviles her life; abuse, petty jealousy, poverty, power struggles and much more become apparent in a society where women are expected to accept the decisions that men make discerning God’s will. Many of Ms. Decker’s marital problems with her first husband stem from different theological beliefs. These differences become more apparent the longer they are married. What is also a trend with this book is the skimming over of many of life’s events and the involvement of family, friends and community. Everything is from Ms. Decker’s point of view and she seems to focus on the bad parts and few of the good parts of her life. Though the story is broke down into years, it feels as if you go from her children being young to they’re adults and married. It is less a story than it is a recitation of life events. Yet, I enjoyed learning about Ms. Decker’s experiences and her views on plural marriage. It gave insights on a community that few know about and few will ever see or become involved in.

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Kristyn Decker's Polygamy, Big Secrets and Little White Lies is now available in this uncensored second edition. The first edition was banned from the Tuacahn Market in St. George, Utah, because of its uncomfortable subject matter, and this second edition goes into even more depth and detail about the neglect and the heartbreaking abuse that the author experienced during both her childhood in the AUB and afterwards in her polygamous marriage. Many women never find the strength to leave. Kristyn Decker did, and her story is important to anyone with a concern for human rights. She is the founder and director of the Sound Choices Coalition ( and also can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50