Searching For Paradise In Parker, PA

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Searching For Paradise In Parker, PA

After having been married for 28 years, Addy Lipton is fed up with her inconsiderate, pack rat of a husband, Lucky. The two are barely speaking when Lucky wins a trip to Costa Rica. He hopes the vacation to paradise will bring something back to their marriage while Addy can't stand the thought of spending that much time with a man she's grown to despise.

On the day they are to leave, Lucky badly injures his back. Instead of being on a plane headed to Costa Rica, Addy finds she's landed in the emergency room. Soon she learns Lucky has sustained serious damage that will require significant surgery and months of care and rehabilitation.

Having it wait hand-and-foot on a man she can hardly stand to look in the eye is too much, and the pair separate though Lucky holds out hope that they will be reunited.

With her newfound freedom, Addy does the things she's always wanted to do. She's relatively happy for the first time in years and her independence quickly leads to her desire to sever the ties with Lucky permanently.

Lucky, in turn, decides to do everything possible to win her back; setting up a tug-of-war between their emotions and causing them both to examine themselves and their choices in life.

Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA, is a very-well written, honest affair of the heart. The transformation of Addy's and Lucky's characters is realistic and interesting. While it is an engaging tale, I will say that I never quite understood the severity of Addy's dislike for Lucky.

Book Blurb for Searching For Paradise In Parker, PA

Welcome to Paradise and the hilarious, inspirational, and sizzling hardcover debut of author Kris Radish. Searching for Paradise in Parker P.A. is a story of how one woman's search for happiness within her marriage -- and within herself -- turns a whole town upside down. When Lucky Lipton wins a trip to Paradise -- a.k.a. Costa Rica -- his wife Addy hopes they will be able to turn their marriage around. But on the day of their departure, Lucky fractures his back tossing their luggage into his truck. With the husband she barely knows anymore parked indefinitely on the couch, Addy decides its time to make big changes-and drastic choices. Addy begins a crusade to revive her dreams -- and she takes the women of Parker, Pennsylvania along for the wild ride. Soon Parker men will realize they'll have to step up to the plate to keep their wives and lovers happy. And an entire town is about to learn that to reach Paradise, you must travel through your heart-and to get there, you might not even have to leave home.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50